4 Bed Penthouse Apartment in Cape Verde – direct sea view €225,000

Owners comment – “I have a 4 bed penthouse in Cape Verde price of € 225,000 – I’m looking to part exchange for a motor boat it can be cash either way?”

Penthouse in Boa Vista , Cape Verde, overlooking Cabral Beach

Brand New 128 sq M with 3 balconies with terrace.

With lift and pool side bar.

The Penthouse is separate and occupies the whole of the top floor.


This front line beach development on Cabral Beach is only a 300 meters walk from Sal Rei town where you can find all the amenities you wish, such as bars, restaurants and tour guide shops. This Cape Verde apartment to rent was completed in 2008.

Although nearly three times larger than Sal, Boavista is a much quieter island, with Sal Rei as its sleepy capital. Of a more uniform, somewhat pentagonal shape, Boavista resort measures approximately 31 kms by 29 kms at its longest and widest points. Known as the island of beaches and dunes, it boasts some 55 km of unspoilt beaches with Curralinho beach (better known as Santa Monica) being the largest and most beautiful in Cape Verde. The island is essentially flat, with a barren interior of volcanic formations interspersed with palm filled oases, something of a dramatic extreme. The highest point, Pico d’Estancia, rises 390m above the landscape. An abundance of sand dunes, together with a surface somewhat rusty in colour, gives the island a lunar appearance in places. However, like Sal, the crystal clear, unpolluted waters provide excellent conditions for all forms of water sports. There are significant plans for the development of Boavista as its natural beauty has been recognized by the tourist industry and the airport is currently being expanded to accommodate international flights.


This is a high quality accommodation in Cape Verde to enjoy y our island holiday.

  • All the safety and comfort of a hotel
  • Private administration, room service, 24h front desk, laundry facilities , etc
  • Beachfront
  • Leisure and sports facilities
  • Shopping area

email for more details: info@pxboats.com

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