Brazilian Mountaintop 10 Bedroom luxury Country Estate USD $795,000

“We would be interested in exchanging our Brazilian property for a sailing or motor yacht or high quality property anywhere?” The property has been valued at  $800,000.

It comprises 60 acres of rolling hills, pastures, orchards and vegetable gardens as well as wild forest areas and small lakes.

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Most of the property forms a lovely hidden valley which unfolds into a high plateau with a view guaranteed to stun you.

On a clear day — and there are many — you can look down on entire mountain ranges all the way to the majestic peaks of the Serra da Mantiqueira almost 100 miles away. And on cloudy days, the clouds are often below you rather than above — just one of the benefits of the estate’s high and mighty elevation.

With virtually no man-made light to obscure it, the night sky seems almost impossibly intense.

The main house and cottages as well as several ancillary buildings have recently been renovated using only the very best and most appropriate materials, fittings and finishes. These include six magnificent 15 ft x 18 x 18-inch beams that were hand-hewn over a century ago and reclaimed from a demolition site.

The main house features gracious public rooms and a spectacular custom kitchen. There are 10 bedroom suites in the main house and guest cottages ranging from luxurious to rustic chic.

The estate is considered one of the most prestigious properties in a wide area. It has been the subject of cover stories in two glossy magazines so far.

Much more importantly, the infrastructure is excellent with abundant pure water, constant electricity, high-speed wireless internet, good private roads, adequate drainage, efficient sewage and so on.

The region’s weather could hardly be better: warm, sunny days with low humidity are the norm almost all year round. Night can get chilly in winter but there are lots of fireplaces and wood stoves to keep you cozy, and a 10-year supply of felled wood to keep them roaring!

There is even room for further development without spoiling the feeling of splendid isolation. Another five houses or cottages with excellent views could easily be built.

Now just imagine all the above plus your cooking and cleaning and laundry and gardening — and indeed day-to-day management, too — done by someone else.

It would cost a fortune at home but this is rural Brazil where staff are honest, hard-working and relatively inexpensive.

We are willing to discuss not only outright sale but also exchange/part-exchange opportunities.

We hope you read on and discover that this wonderful place is a possible, practical and attainable dream.