French Château in Aude

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Aude, Toulouse 45 minutes
Belle propriété et chateau à vendre à moins de

20 metres du Canal du Midi comprenant,
Surface habitable 600 m2 habitable ( 2 eme étage amenageable 450 m2 )
3 Salons
6 Chambres 4 SdB
Maison et appartement
5,5 Hectares

Part Exchange Property or Motor Yacht

Prix 1 950 000 €


Note from Owner

Le Fort was first built in the 16th cent,as a garrison to house solders & horses,
who had to patrol the route from the old port of Narbonne,to Toulouse,as
at this period there where many uncouth bandits who held up & robbed the
merchant who carried & transported there wares from the port of Narbonne
to Toulouse.

Then for some reason unknown,the fort was abandened and sold off to a
wealthy merchant from Toulouse, in 1710 ,who then employed an Italian
architect and comissioned him to transform the “Fort” into a private
residence for his family.

This took some five years to complete,and the finished produce now
resembles an Italian Plazzio ( palace),with its large airy rooms & high
(4m) ceilings,also several italian painted scenes can be seen in the long
billard room,(15 x 6 metres) The dinning room also has a very special
plastered ceiling,and lovely oak panelling all around.There is approx 420
sm on each floor, ( x 3 ) and all covered in lovely old “terre cuite”
tiles.The very grand staircase,was also built especially to commemorate
the wedding of the old counts daughter.

Down in the old cellar you will also find a very refreshing spring water
well,which kept the master’s wine cool in the hot summers.

It is also very pleasantly positioned on the side of the world renown
“Canal de midi” built by Pierre-paul Riquet,Baron de Bonrepos, in 1665
,who is suitably remembered in monuments and street names throughout the

With the property, you also have three cottages & many useful
garages,workshop’s & barn’s etc,all with a very pleasant ,palm tree lined
park of some 5.80 hectars.

You also have the right to park your own boat at the bottom of your garden
Do come and see us !

Aude, Toulouse 45 minutes
Beautiful property and chateau for sale less than 20 meters from theCanal du Midi.

Living space 600 m2 (2 nd floor area 450 m2)
3 Living Rooms
6 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
Separate Home and apartment
5.5 Hectares

Part Exchange Property or Motor Yacht

Prix 1 950 000 €

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