How part exchange for boats work

How it Works For Boats

Are you selling a Power or Sail boat? If you have a Power or Sail boat which you are thinking of selling, part exchanging is the ideal way to achieve this.  For example, let’s say you are trying to sell a vessel which is being marketed at £150,000. Many people lower  are looking to upsize. This means that you could part exchange with a vessel that is marketed for, say, £50,000. This means that you have released £100,000 less commission finance from the vessel and you are left with a vessel that is less expensive to keep and  easier to sell. Contact us today and ask them to upload your vessel to the site.

Send us your details. By sending us  your details and what you are looking for in your next boat, we are able to match your vessel to others registered on this and other sites. Not only does this mean that we can find you a buyer, but also your next new boat at the same time!

If you would like your vessel to be advertised on the sitesend us the specification details.  This is done on a “No sale, no fee basis”.

The part exchange/ boat swap phenomenon is a rapidly growing market, world wide. If you are staying in boating then part exchange can be easier and cleaner, you could find some huge opportunities to get your vessel sold and find your new boat, all in one go!

Are you looking to downsize? If you are looking to downsize, is the ideal place to advertise your vessel. Many sellers on are also looking to upsize. If one of these clients is looking for your vessel and the vessel that they are selling suits your requirements, straight away you have a part exchange, it’s that easy!
Are you looking to upsize? With the “Credit Crunch”, more sellers than ever are looking to downsize. This means that there is no better time to be part exchanging your boat. With more choice than ever, someone might be looking for your boat and vice versa. Contact and ask us to upload your vessel to the site.

The certainty of a PX offer enables you to act like a cash buyer avoid the hassle, costs, delays and  uncertainty of selling your boat.

Survey As with any property or boat sale the buyer is responsible for the legal transfer. Our description is given in good faith but the purchaser will be given every opportunity to survey and inspect and we advise that this is done.

Commission Charged? We charge 2% + vat on both items of exchange. We will manage the title documents of any UK registered boats. Property should go through the normal survey and title transfer by a qualified conveyancer costs are to the receiving party as normal.

Contact us and we will  upload your vessel to the site.

Should you prefer the traditional route we can sell your boat with through Yachtbrokeruk at Coastal Leisure Limited

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