How to sell your boat quickly, 7 keys to unlock the boat selling sucesss

It is the Yacht Brokers job to try and maximize the return for the owner. The Yacht Broker can do a lot to help this process and get people to come and inspect the boat. When the prospective purchaser does actually arrive it is then down to the condition -the cleanliness and maintenance of the boat itself.

The average time to sell a boat is about 3 months and I normally think that it will take 10 to 20 viewers for an older boat to sell. Here is an extract that give the vendor some tips how to sell the boat, this method guarantees that if the price is right then your boat will be among the very first to sell. Tips – How Sell Your Boat – Quickly There are two primary markets in boats: Those in Perfect Condition that can command their own premium and Those that need “TLC” and they enter the discount market. How to achieve a quick boat sale .

Prepare the boat for the new owner. Empty it Out Fix it Up Clean it up The Seven Keys to Boat Selling Success Key

  • No 1 Make your boat the shiniest, cleanest, neatest, most perfectly operating like-new boat that the buyer will find, and he will be afraid to let it get away.
  • Key No 2 Make your boat so clean neat shiny, pretty, functional and desirable that the buyer will be excited to own it and will be proud to show it to his friends and neighbors when he takes it home.
  • Key No 3 When you go to the trouble and expense to sell the very best like-new boat on the market, you disqualify most or all of the competition.
  • Key No 4 When you are sell the very best like-new boat the buyer will find , you can demand and get a substantially higher than average price for you boat.
  • Key No 5 If you sell your boat as-is, you will enter your boat in a discounting contest in a buyers market. 
  • Key No 6 If you sell a boat with problems, you disqualify many, perhaps most of the potential buyers in the market. 
  • Key No 7 To sell your boat in the “fixer-upper” (requires some TLC) market, you will have to discount it much more than it would have cost you to fix its problems yourself.

It is important to decide which market your boat is in. In the brokers opinion a boat that has been consistently and regularly maintained (and that this maintenance is documented ) the boat will be superior and worth more money than a similar boat that has been recently” fixed up”? Sell Your Boat In Thirty Days by Thomas Cook (recommended reading) Keep checking back for more information relating to Yacht Brokers in the UK.

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